Day 1: From the camp to the West

The day D is here. We left the camp after two months of working. The departing time was 9:15 but it was getting delay as every year. I suggested earlier leaving but nobody stood up for me and my suggestion was denied. Now, some guys know it was a mistake. The bus left Towanda at 9:35 and I stopped it right behind camp borders. When I was loading stuff of all guys to the bus I forgot my backpack by the road. So I had a small run back. It was unnecessary because Eddie (a driver who was with me in Connecticut two days ago) took it, got on car and started chasing the bus. First stop was in Bryn Mahwr although yesterday Z said we didn't have to go there. Second stop was Honesdale. A lot of guys had to take money from "really amazing" Dime bank. My steps were heading to another "really amazing" bank – The Honesdale National Bank. I left about 50 bugs there last year. So I took them and closed the account. We left Honesdale behind us at 10:30. The riding was fast but not enough and some guys pushed the bus forward by eyes because they had to catch a bus leaving NYC at 13:30. We arrived near to Port Authority after 13:20. I don't even know whether Pavel, Tomas and Vit caught the bus (you did it, guys?). We had a little bit more time. Jan caught some cab. When a cab driver saw our baggage he said: I can't take it. Jan just answered: Yes, you can 🙂 It looked like the mission impossible but we did it. We got 5 big suitcases, 3 big rucksacks and several additional bags into one cab. We went to Queens to Jana's friend where we left big suitcases. Then we continued to the La Guardia Airport. We had enough time and we were very hungry, so we bought some Chinese food (Martin's now telling me to write that the Chinese food was good). La Guardia is a nice, small airport. According to me the best one in NYC. The flight to Toronto was good, just one hour. When we arrived we had to go throught customs officers. Martin was lucky. He met a good one. I wasn't so lucky and I was sent to Immigration Office. It was really unluck because that officer sent almost all non-american and non-canadian people (French, Englishmen etc.) there. I had to wait almost half an hour and I was pissed off (for first time in Canada). At least it was a good experiance. I had a five-minute interview with a officer and I answered a lot of questions (what I'm gonna do in Canada, what I did in the US etc.). And I could've seen how was it when somebody was refused. That lady got a histeric fit, a small personal tragedy. After I got out of there we found out (by accident) that our bags wouldn't be delivered to Edmonton but just to Toronto and we had to take them. Unless I had spent some time in IO we would've left our bags in Toronto. So in the end, it was luck. Anyway, we were disappointed because I saw this lastly when I flew with very low-cost airlines. I didn't expected it from Air Canada.

It wasn't the last disappointment with Air Canada. I didn't expect we would have a meal during the flight to Toronto, it was too short. But I did expect that we would have a meal during the long flight from Toronto to Edmonton, but we didn't. Again, I've never seen this on the flight with better airlines. Air Canada sucks.
We arrived to Edmonton about midnight. I bought a hot chocolate and muffins from Tim Hortons (I heard that everybody who visits Canada had to try the hot chocolate from Tim Hortons, but I must say it's nothing special). Then I took my sleeping back and started my popular sleeping at airport 🙂

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  1. Trevi avatar

    need more information 😉

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    Pavel who almost missed the bus to DC writes:

    So I have to clarify that we did it… we managed to catch the bus leaving NYC to DC at the last moment. very last moment… and i thank to god that the bus had bathroom on the board because otherwise i would have to leave it throught emergency exit right after we left ;)good luck in Canada. i'll keep following your adventure in your blog…

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