Day 3: Awesome Banff

I got up before 8am because we had to leave a parking before 9. We didn't want to give Calgary more than one hour, yesterday evening was enough. So we went to the downtown to take some pics and after less than hour back to the car and go to Banff. We left Calgary with very bad experience. All the more we were looking forward to Banff. We were going to Banff Town on the Highway 1 that is Transcanadian Highway. It's something like Route 66 because it starts in St.John's in Nova Scotia and ends in Vancouver. During the journey, we went along Calgary Olympics Centre but friend, who was in Calgary three months ago, told me that there was nothing interesting, so no stop. After one hour of riding, mountains started to grow up from flatland and we entered Banff National Park. The heart of Banff is Banff Town, big, crowded, Alpine-stype mountain town. Banff Town really evokes Alpine mountain village, nice chalets, hikers and a background which consists of grey peaks. The weather was awesome and our mood was also really great. Such a big difference after Calgary. We found our hostel very easily. It looks like a chalet in Beskydy. It means that it looks great 🙂 They told us we could check in after 3pm so we left the car in front of the hostel (it's another awesome thing in Banff, there is a lot of space for parking and it's absolutely free!) and went to the town centre. We visited Information Centre and met there very friendly assistent who has been to Europe but never in Prague 🙂 He knows very much about Banff. He chose a two-day trail for us and he didn't recommend us the Gondola trail which we wanted to hike today. It's reputetly only walking in the forest and no views. We chose a trail recommended by him and he was right. It was really nice and quite easy trail with many spectacural views (look at pics in photoalbum). By the way we got a lecture about bears in Banff and it made us a little bit scared 🙂 When we came back we were very thirsty and we met Beer&Wine shop. So we used it. It was quite more expensive but thirst was stronger. I and Martin bought big bottle of Corona and Jana bought some Pilsen-style beer. Jana asked shop assistent if we could drink it the street. He said we were not supposed to do it so we used bags (I can't understand this stupid law). We were enjoying a rest for almost two hours and then we dediced to go to hot springs. We stopped by really green river to get cool before hot springs. When we arrived to hot springs we were very disappointed because we found small, crowded pool. We turned back and went to the town. But it was just one bad thing on this great day. Now we look forward tomorrow when we go to the mountains and sleep there.
P.S. I added pics to the photoalbum and today they are worth looking at them.

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    D writes:WOW 🙂 uzasny fotky!! Nekdy az uplne kycovity.. Kraasa.. Vice a vice fotek a treba i nejaky to video 🙂

  2. anonymous avatar

    Martina writes:Zdravi vas Towanda :). Uplne super zapisky a fotky 🙂 mockrat dik za veskere info, jen tak dal. Mam uz uplne mokrou klavesnici jak do ni slintam, kdyz koukam na ty fotky :). Uzasny. Mejte se moc krasne a davejte na sebe pozor. Tesim se na dalsi zpravicky.

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    Tomas R. (property of camp towanda) writes:Damn, I´ve got only one word for that….ENVY! enjoy bastards 🙂

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    Honza writes:

    no fotky máte nádherný, tak ať vám to i nadále vychází…já dnes prošel Anchorage a dojel do Talkeetny, kde mám zítra zaplacený let kolem Mt.McKinley. Tak taky konečně příroda, i když Anchorage je celkem pěkný město…pro představu jsem dal pár fotek z dneška na nebraska.rajce.nettak se zatim mějte a užívejte přírody…Honza

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