Day 8: Back in civilization

We are back from wildness! We were hiking in the mountains for couple days. That's why I didn't update my blog, but now we are in Campus Hot Springs (in BC) with wireless internet. But slowly, I can't jump over few last days:

Day 4:
This day, we made a hike to Egypt Lake. Before hiking, we visited Information centre again to get informed about accommodation for next day. By the way, we found out that we had to have Parks Canada Passport and we had been two days in Banff NP without it. So we bought it. Then we went by car to the Sunshine Ski Centre where we left the car. We met first Czechs there finally. They visit Banff every year because their daugther lives here and they were from Zlin (my borntown). We chose tougher but more beautiful trail via Sunshine Village which is a ski centre more than 2,000 metres above sea level. Then we continued up to the hills and I think we reached at least 2,400. After 20km hiking, we finally arrived to our campground (without water, but with very nice food storage). We slept near Egypt Lake at 2,000 metres above sea level. And it was really hard night (not for me but Martin and Jana almost got frozen).

Day 5:
We got up and packed all our things and hiked back to our car. Now we chose shorter trail but it wasn't so nice and a bear was seen there few days ago. When we got to the car we loaded all things and hurried to the town of Banff where we visited IC again and "golden arches". I was so hungry that I ate Big Mac meal big size and Wildberry Sundae. Then we bought some food in a grocery and hurried to the campground because it was Friday and almost every hostel, lodge or campground was full. We found vacant sites at Protection Mountain Campground. There was finally water but just cold. It didn't prevent us from washing ourselves (see pic). The night was cold than we had expected. I had my Cat's meow but Jana and Martin really suffered.

Day 6:
This day, we went to Lake Luise, propably the most famous, and as we saw later, the most crowded lake in the Rockies. Because we were tired a little bit after yesterday's hiking we chose just short trail – from Lake Louise to the Six Glaciers and back. But views were incredible. When we arrived to Lake Louise in the morning there weren't so many people. But when we came back there from the hike it was incredibly crowded by Asian and German tourists (Japanese pensioners and German tourist are propably all over the world). When we left Lake Louise we were heading to Moraine Lake. I was also crowded but not as much as Lake Luise. When we got there the weather was getting worse. However, Moraine Lake was awesome. It has beautiful blue color. That's why we recalled it "Silver Power Lake". Dishwashers from Camp Towanda will know 😉 We decided to sleep at the same campground as last night, it was just 17km from the village of Lake Luise where I bought two big canes of Molson for the night. When we arrived to the campground it was raining so we stayed in the car and checked pics in the laptop. After less than one hour Martin found out we were out of energy and we could've started an engine. We decided to find somebody who had cabels to charge a car battery. But sooner than we started our neighbours came to us and asked us whether we needed the help. Of course we needed. Then we went to make a small race to charge our battery and we deciced to buy them something. We stopped at Liquer store, in which I had bought two Molsons before, and bought twelve bottles of Pislner-Urquell. When we gave them beers they told us to join them. We found out they already had a cooler full of beers. Awesome! We made a fire, talked and drank. We were suprised how much one of them (Rob, I think) knew about Czech beers. They were young Canadians, ex-schoolmates and they were on the journey through Canada. Two of them were moving from Toronto to Calgary. It was one of the best nights in Canada and North America as well. In the morning when we were leaving, we took a pic of us and them and exchanged e-mails.

Day 7:
The weather got worse and we decided to cancel our detour to Peyto Lake and to go straight to Yoho NP. We arrived there and chose for one campground. It was a mistake of the day because the weather was really bad and getting even worse. When we were accommodated we continued to Takakkaw Falls which are one of the highest in Canada (245m). We walked in the valley to Yoho Glacier. I didn't reach it because the weather was still getting worse and it was late. When we were going back it started raing really heavily and we found out a dark side of the canadian weather. Then we got on the car we made a small race to Emerald Lake just to warm up. The raining is not so bad but temperatures are about 12 degrees and they go down to 0 in the night and this is really bad. That's why Jana and Martin slept last night in the car. I risked to sleep in the tent but I didn't really trust these low-cost tents like ours. The tent survived raining and my Cat's meow pretended me from cold and I slept quite well.

Finally today: We had a shower finally but it wasn't as hot as we had imagined after so cold night. We packed the tent and we were trying to close a boot door. It's starting to be a serious problem because now we are closing it for several minutes. I try to find a problem but just one idea made it slight better. When we did it we continued to Glacier NP. We stopped in Golden to visit "Golden Archies" (we haven't met Burger King yet and that's why Canada has one big minus in my countries rating). We made a stop in Rogers Pass which is the place with one of the most active avalanches in the world. In the afternoon, we arrived to Campus Hot Spring. It's quite equipped campground. There is wireless internet and hot springs pool so that we can warm up our bones 🙂
I also added pictures from day 4-6. Check my photoalbum. Pictures from days 7-9 will propably be added tomorrow.

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    Martina writes:Wau decka ty fotky jsou uplne neuveritelny, vy jste v raji 🙂

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