Day 11: Jana’s last day

Yesterday was quite boring because we were moving from Glacier NP to Vancouver. It was almost 600km on Hwy 1. We made first stop in Revelstoke to have a breakfast at McDonald's (never more). Yesterday, we met first toll highway in Canada and we paid 10 bugs 🙁 When we were riding in British Columbia I was surprised that the landscape was so dry. It reminded me rather Arizona than typical canadian nature. We made small shopping break 100km before Vancouver and I met first BK since our arrival to Canada (finally!). Unfortunately, Canadian BK is far more expensive than American one. No Whopper Junior for one dollar and my favourite Whopper meal is expensive as well. We also visited Wal-mart and I must say that American Wal-Mart (at least that one in Honesdale) is far better. I couldn't have omitted Liquer Store and I must mension a price. Alcohol is really expensive and it's a thing I don't like in Canada the most. When we arrived to Vancouver we went directly to our hostel which was recommended us by one Irish guy we met in Calgary. It has one big advantage, it's cheap. One night in dorm is about 15 dollars. Ok, it's old building and sometimes a little bit dirty but on the other hand, it's in very nice part of the city and near the centre. When we were checked-in we left the car in a public parking lot near hostel (parking is quite cheap in Vancouver, just 12$ for 24 hours) and went to make a small walk in the city. I must say Vancouver is really nice city and I'm not surprised that it's said to be one of the best places to live in the world. Before coming to Vancouver, Montréal was a clear choise as the best Canadian city but now I don't know. Vancouver is really beautiful and lies by the sea! Anyway North America cities are quite boring. They have a few attractions but nothing more and then you can just walk around and enjoy atmosphere. European cities such a Paris, Rome or Prague are far more interesting. Just buildings are themselves interesting and you can be in a city for couple days and there is still what to do. This never happens in the North America (maybe in New York, it's an exception). But back to Vancouver. Today, we decided to walk in the centre a lot and to visit Stanley Park (something like Central Park in NYC). There was a really nice weather so we could have enjoyed even beaches. And of course we had a lunch at BK. Such a great experience. McDonald's sucks! In the evening, we went to propably the best view of Vancouver – Grouse Grid on Grouse Mountain. We thought we would get there by car but we were wrong. We could get there by gondola or by walk. Because the gondola was about 30$ we chose walking. We thought it would be just an easy walk. That's why I took just sandales and we bought just two-hour parking ticket. But we were wrong again. It was 3km very, very steep trail, like 3kms of stairs. The elevation change was 852m! We were in hurry and we did it in one hour (average time is 90 minutes and the world record is 27 minutes!). We couldn't have gotten back by walk because the trail is closed since 7pm so we had to buy a gondola ticket. Whe we got back to our car Jana packed all her things because she was leaving us. Her US visa ends tomorrow and that's why she has to get to the USA now. We took her to Vancouver Intl. Airport and now she is going to NYC (via Edmonton and Chicago). We are just two sice now. Tomorrow, we spend some time in Vancouver and then we get out of the city to some campgroud. Then we will propably go to Wells Gray PP.

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