Day 14: First roasting

I write a new article after three days and many things have happened since last message.
Jana left us in Vancouver as I wrote last time. Now, I know she entered the USA successfully. So I hope we won't have any problems with it.
The second day in Vancouver was kind of lazy day. I got up about 9 o'clock and spet more than hour on internet. Once Martin got up we checked out and put all things to the car. Then we continued to a beach to spend the rest of the day there but we were bored after one hour. We decided to find BK. I must say Martin had a better sense than me and he found a way. I ordered Double Whopper Meal – larger size and it was hard even for me to eat it. But of course I did it 🙂 When we were done we returned to the car and got out of the city. Unfornately we got into a traffic jam on Highway 1 because there was some accident. We were heading to Cultus Lake which was a destination we found on internet a day ago. Because of the traffic jam we arrived there at 6pm and we could have found any vacant site for our tent. It was such a pity because Cultus Lake looked really well. But we had to return to Hwy 1 and go on to find something. Finally, we found small campground right off the highway 30km behind Cultus Lake. However, we decided to get back to Cultus Lake next day to hang out on the beach. But God changed our planes. We got up late as usually we found out the sun wasn't shining. It was absolutely cloudly. Going to Cultus Lake was totally senseless.
So we continued to the North. We found the only Burger King on our way and we were heading there. It was in Kamloops, the biggest city between Vancouver and the Rockies. We didn't want to go on the same road as last time so we chose to continue on Hwy 1. Now, I must say it was a great choise because first we didn't have to pay 10$ toll but above all this journey was very interesting and beautiful. We even crossed one Indian reservation. I was suprised again that we were going through very dry countryside. We stopped to take some pictures and we even found cacti (see picture)! When we arrived to Kamloops we found Tim Horton's on the place where should have been BK. Such a disappointment. We had to use close McDonald's but we were upset. When we were eaten (if we can be eaten at McDonald's) we went to do some shopping. We arrived to Clearwater which is a town near Wells Gray Provincial Park where we were heading. It was after 7pm and Information Centre was closed. But we found very good campgroud KOA. It's propably the best campground we've ever visited in North America. There are a pool, very good wireless internet covering all campground, restaurant, laundry etc. Every site has a fire place so that you can do a fire. And we used it. In the first night, we roasted dry sausages. When I got up next day (today) I found out that the fire's still been burning and I found out that what was burning was the ground around the fire place. The ground consisted of needles and wood. That's why it was burning. We had a small breakfast and went to the Infomation Centre. We were told how to get to the most famous falls in the park and we were recommended some trails. Helmcken Falls was 50km from IC. You can go there on the right side by car and we chose this side first. Waterfalls are really incredible. The river falls 137m to the abyss. When we got back to main road we chose a trail which is on the left side of the river. When we came to the falls we stayed on the edge of the abyss and there was 137 metres of nothing under us. The abyss is as deep as Macocha (for non-Czechs: the most famous abyss in the Czech republic) and there is no fence around it (se pictures)!
We did two more stops on the journey back to the camp. First one was the Green Mountain where is 360degrees view of the park and second one was Spahats Falls which is smaller but nice falls. We stopped at a shopping centre before we came to the campground. We wanted to buy some sausages which would be the most similar to "špekáčky" (for non-Czechs: špekáček is a special sausage for roasting on the open fire like marshmallows). Then we could have had first real Czech "barbeque". And we were glad that the taste was really similar to "špekáčky".
I really like this provincial park because I finally found BC's nature I imagined before coming to Canada. In addition, it's not crowded like Banff and other famous parks here. Tomorrow, we will continue to Jasper NP.

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    Martina writes:AAAAAAAAAAAAAA kde berete ty fotky? vy jste je urcite nekde vygoglili to neni mozny. Jsou fakt super a uplne nadherny, slintam, slintam, slintam. Moc si uzivejte vase cesty. Jen tak dal. good luck

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    Anonymous writes:Cmuky od Marlenky a Karolinky a zbytku Brimmawru 😀

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