Day 21: It’s coming to the end

I sent last message when we were at the KOA campground in Hinton. I must say that the KOA was a good choise. It was propably the best camp we've visited in Canada. KOA is simply a quarantee of quality. Unfortunately, we had to continue to Edmonton. The journey was fast and without complication but we had a problem to find Rainbow Valley Campground. The Street and Trips programme failed and I had to ask some local how to get there. She was ready to help me because she said that everybody got lost while going there. The camp is quite nice but there is no internet and it is a big minus for us. When we are getting to the end we are more and more lazy. That's why we did nothing after we'd arrived. I read a book and Martin slept. In the night, a big t-storm came. We worried because we bought a low-end tent just for this trip and it was raining really heavily. But just few drips got inside. The tent for $32 from Wal-Mart kept dry even in the heavy raining. Incredible. On Saturday, we went to Elk Island NP where bizon, mooses, elks, beavers and other animals live. The park is just 30km from Edmonton. But we were disappointed because we didn't see even one big animal. Actually, I saw one bizon when we were coming back on a highway. We hiked a 6km trail but we saw just a beaver lodge and few trees cut by beavers. That was all. We needed to fix our mood quickly so we went to BK and I ordered Triple-Whopper first time. I've never eaten such a big burger. When I ate it I was totally full (this doen't happen to me oftenly) and I had still one french fries and a big coke. We were full, our mood got better, so we could go to West Edmonton Mall, the self-called world's largest shopping centre. Actually, it's the fourth largest but anyway it's really large and the largest in North America. But I must state that it's nothing extra special. There are a lot of clothing shops and boutiques but as usually in this kind of malls most of them was useless. I absolutely missed electronics or computers. There were some small shops with this stuff but it was nothing. And West Edmonton Mall is expensive. Generally, Canada is more expensive than the USA, especially in clothing. For example: shoes I bought last year in Scranton for $40 were in some shop in WEM for $80! (the difference between USD and CAD is almost nothing, one USD is about 1.05 CAD). In spite of this, we did a good shopping. We needed 5 hour to go all over the mall! And it was just getting known what is where, no choosing, fitting etc. There is also some entertainment. There is a wonderful pool with a pirate boat and seawolves. The ice-rink for skating was nice as well. But that's it. Maybe a lunapark, but it was boring. The shopping in WEM should be the last event in our trip in Canada. On Monday, we return the car in the morning then we will spend more than half a day at the airport. We will fly to Montréal and then to New York City where we shall be about noon. Then we will take our baggage which Roman left in some Irish pub in Queens, we will take rest of money from our American accounts and maybe will have last meal in BK. Then straight to JFK. We will have to wait for a flight to Prague 8 hours so we will go to the centre of London. I've been in Great Britain three times but I've never been in London unless I count airports (Heathrow and Stansted).
These days are our last ones in Canada. We have to go home but we'll be back 😉

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