Day 25: Home, sweet home

After 25,000km of travelling, we are at home. The journey from Edmonton to Luhačovice (where I live) was very long but without complications. I returned the car in the morning on Monday. Because Monday was Labour Day there was nobody at the rental company so I had to leave the car there and throw keys through a hole in a wall as they'd told me. I got to the airport about 11, Martin had been already waiting there, it was 14 hours to our flight to Montréal. I bought a wireless connection for 24 hours so it wasn't as long for me as I'd expected. At 1:15 on Tuesday, we finally flew to Montréal. I don't remember a lot from the flight because I was sleeping almost all the flight.
When we were waiting in Montréal (we were waiting just three hours) I could still have used the wireless connection. We were surprised because we met US immigration officers already in Montréal. But it was OK, I spent there less than one minute.
We got to LaGuardia in NYC about noon, we took a taxi and went to Queens where Jana left our baggage in one Irish pub. When we took it we ordered Pilsner Urquell, it was time to get used to good beer after three months in North America 🙂 The weather in NYC was terrible. We were used to a cold weather and it was almost 30C in NYC. It was really fun to go with all our baggage by NY public transportation. We got to JFK airport after four o'clock and we had to wait for Tomas till nine because he had our things which came to Towanda after our leaving. Then last McDonald's. We left NYC and the USA as well. I was sleeping almost all the flight again. We arrived to London about 10 in the morning. Then we had to go through all damn security things. After all, I could go to the city. The European Union is a really good thing. When I went to the city I had to go through customs officers. There were two lines, one for EU citizens, one for others. The line for others was 20 metres long and full of Americans and Canadians. In the line for EU citizens, there were just two people and I just showed my passport and it was over after 10 secs. I got to the city in one hour by underground. I had just few hours. I got off at Green Park Station. I spent several hours there and I saw Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, UK Parliament, London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park – Speakers' core. I came to London City because I've been three times in Great Britain but I have never been in London if I don't count airports. I got back to Heathrow about 4 o'clock. While I was in the city Martin met one Canadian. We were lucky at meeting Canadians. He even spoke Slovak a little bit because his parents came to Canada from Slovakia. That guy (I think his name was George) works for some company which explores and examines the ground or mineral or stuff like that. That's why he was on a journey to Congo where he will do some examination.
There was one more big event before we get on a plane. We met Pavel Bém (a mayor of Prague, Czech capital, and one of the most famous politics in the Czech republic) and took a pictures with him. He flew in the same plane to Prague but in first class, of course. We arrived to Ruzyne Airport in Prague about 10pm. We got on a bus. Who do you think we met in the bus? Two Canadians! They came to the Czech republic as tourists so we gave them good advice what to see and where to go. They were surprised because they didn't expect such a cold weather so did we. When we arrived to Prague it was 12C. We were surprised when we met snowing in Jasper because we are not used to it in August but now we returned home and there is snow in our mountains and in Austria, there is 30cm of snow! We went by bus just to Dejvicka metro station where our friends'd waited for us. Then they took us by a car to our student campus. Before we went to bed we visited some pub and drank beers (finally Czech beer!). On Thursday, we got up at 8 because we went by bus from Florenc at 10. While we were getting to Brno closer and closer the weather was getting worse and worse. When we got to Brno it was raining heavily. My mom'd already been waiting for us. We take Martin to Bucovice where his mom'd been waiting for him. We got home in the afternoon after the four-day journey. My mom already prepared a bouillon suop and a sirloin sauce with dumplings (first great meal after entire summer).
Canada was great but home is home.

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