Day 6: Finally in St.John’s

I arrived to St.John s airport about 3:40am. The airport was like I had expected – the smallest I have ever visited in North America. Matt and her girlfriend were really waiting for me so I spent there as little time as I needed. Then they took me to Signal Hill where is a station which received first wireless signal sent across Atlantic Ocean by Marconi. It was interesting because five years ago, I visited the other station in Cornwall, England, and was thinking about being on the other side of Atlantic Ocean. So here I am 🙂 Then we went to McDonald s Drive Thru and finally to bet in Matt s house. I lives with three other students there and it looks very similar to our students residence. I mean tidiness 🙂 It was almost six when I felt asleep. Newfoundland has got special time zone like no other part of North America. Time difference between Eastern Time and Newfoundland Time is one and half hour.
Next day, I woke up after noon. There wasn t much time to do something bigger and Matt had to go to his work at the afternoon. So his girlfriend offered me to take me to downtown and show me the most important places. St.John s is the oldest city in North America and was founded in 17th century. It has about 100.000 people which makes it biggest city in Newfoundland. Newfoundland and Labrador is not really crowded. This province has got 500.000 inhabitants and 400.000 sq. kilometers. That means slightly more than one inhabitant per one sq. kilometer (just for comparison: the Czech republic has got about 130 inhabitants per sq. kilometer). The bay of St.John s looks like it was made to be a harbour by nature. It s protected by high hills and connected with the ocean only through a narrow mount. In downtown, there is much to see. Buildings are old but only in American meanin, that means there are 300 years and less old. We left downtown and went to Signal Hill again, this time in day time. There is a nice view to St.John s and neighbourhood and to the ocean, too. On the way back, we stopped at Subway and visited Matt in his work. I spent rest of the day watching movies and writing blogspots. One thing, which really surprised me, is that Newfoundland accent is really hard to understand. When I was in Ontario I understood almost everything but here? They speak fast and use slang and I've got much to catch.

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    These are very interesting things that you are writng. I am a big fan of Canada, its history, traditions. I I try to spend every summer vacation in Canada (this is my fav Canada picture: See you soon!

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