Day 7-11: Lost in Newfoundland… without passport

So many things have happened since I wrote last time. That's why I didn't have any time to write. My seventh day of travelling was still lucky. In the morning I walked from Matt's house to the downtown which is about 8 km far away. Then I hiked along a coast around the Signal Hill to Quidi Vidi Bay. Most pictures I posted in my gallery were taken during this hike. The weather was wonderful and got thirsty. The end of trail was amazing because there was a minibrewery selling beers. When I got back to Matt's house I had already walked more than 20 km. I was pretty tired but I had still enough energy to go out that night. Matt lives with three other guys – Travis, Jeremy and Chipper. They all went to a house party so we went, too. St. John's is a university city. Many houses are occupied by students. I don't want to write details. But those who are interested in parties and clubbing in Newfoundland can let me know. I will tell them more 🙂 In a downtown of St. John's, there is a street called George Street which is something like Stodolni in Ostrava (who has ever been in Ostrava will know). We got back home about 5am. Next day was kind of lazy day. I had a big headache and everybody was too tired to do anything. Anyway, this day became the most unlucky day of my travel. Next day in the morning, I found out that I didn't have my passport. A day before, I was just in grocery and in liqure store when I saw my passport last time. Then I got on the car and went to Matt's home. One thinks there was nothing where to loose it but passport disappeared. That's creepy because a day, before I lost my passport, my sister had written me that she had gone to a fortune-teller and had been told that I would be stolen very worth thing. And here it is.
Next day, I was looking for my passport but without any success. I wasn't nervous because everybody told it would be ok and it had to be somewhere in the house. And if not, Newfoundlanders are honest people and would return it to police. So I went with other to a beach for few hours. After I had searched the house and the car twice I was getting nervous and started preparing for plan B – without my passport. Newfoundland is really lonely post in Canada and everything is far. The Czech republic doesn't have any consul here. That's why I contacted an embassy in Ottawa which is 2000 km far. I was told that Czech consulats, where I can get a new travel documents, are in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Because there are flight connections and my family I decided to go to Toronto. They told about EU Emergency Travel Service which I can get, as EU citizen, at consulats of other EU countries. In St. John's, there are consulats of UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark and France. We called them all but a problem is they are small and usually one-man show. A Dutch consul offered me his help but he would have to send all papers to Ottawa and wait until it comes back. Another problem about my passport is that I will not get a regular passport but just a travel document to get home. Czech one looks like a passport but there is no digital code. EU Emergency Travel Document is just a paper.
When I get the new travel document there is one more far bigger problem – American visa. I have J-1 visa in the lost passport and it will be a problem to get a new visa to get to the USA. Czech embassy in Ottawa told me that it could be possible. US embassies don't usually answer e-mails and it's difficult to call them. So I don't still know if there any chance to get it. However, I've got plan B2 which is for a situation when I don't get the US visa. Student Agency offered me quite good price – 550 CAD for direct flight Toronto-Prague. A local travel angency offered me a flight Toronto – Prague for 680 CAD.
Today, I visited a local police station to make a statement which is necessary for applying a new passport. Now, I don't enjoy my travelling much. I only call, write e-mails, look for flight and stuff like that.

If I don't get to the USA I can't leave my suitcase there. That's why I would like to ask anybody, who is going to the Czech republic within next three weeks, to help me. I will cover all additional cost related with it. Please contact me on Facebook or through my e-mail. My Czech cell phone is out of energy and I don't have a charger.

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  1. Trevi avatar

    kufr mas doma 😉

  2. Sesivany avatar

    Děkuju převelice, až dojedu dom, tak se vyrovnáme.

  3. Trevi avatar

    … a nezapomen mi privezt, pokud nekde uvidis, hrnek Tima Hortona 😉

  4. anonymous avatar

    Sara writes: Are you still in Nl?

  5. Sesivany avatar

    Not any more but maybe next year for longer time.

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